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The World's First Maglev Lines That No Longer Operate

The discovery of a new arrangement of magnets in the early 70's paved way for the introduction of the first commercial maglev lines in the world. The first maglev people mover to start operation was simply called "MAGLEV" and officially opened in 1984 at the Birmingham Airport in England.

The Six Operational Maglev Lines in 2021

You have most probably heard about the Shanghai Maglev line, the fastest operating commercial train, but did you know that there are another five maglev lines in the world for public use? There are two more in China, two in South Korea, and one in Japan. In this article, we ...

China's Third Maglev Line

China is know for its ferociously fast Shanghai maglev line that runs between the Pudong International Airport and Longyang Road station while reaching 431 km/h (268 mph) top speeds along the way. Little known is that China's first mid-low speed (second commercial) maglev line was opened in 2016. Here we ...