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Transrapid Train Models

A 1:87 train model has been released with attractive pricing. There are two versions to choose from. The SMT (Shanghai Maglev Train) Transrapid, and the Transrapid 08 with DB (Deutsche Bahn) livery.


The Most Affordable Maglev Train

This is possibly as close as you can get to the L0 Series SCMaglev for the time being. Takara Tomy created a beautifully crafted 1/187 scale model of the L0 Series maglev train. The model is approved by JR Tokai. It has a metal frame with four little wheels under ...


Tomy Linear Liner Maglev Toy Train

Takara Tomy, the Japanese entertainment company that makes children's toys and merchandise is the creator of the fastest toy train in the world. Their Linear Liner train is the scale replica of the record-breaking 603 km/h (375 mph) SC Maglev (Superconducting Magnetic levitation) train. The 1/90th scale model is equally ...


The 12 Best Maglev Toys and Gadgets

We have gathered a list of magnetically levitated toys and gadgets that we found in one way or another stand out from the rest. There is a great variety of maglev toys on the market, but many of them are not on par with the expectations. We thought to put ...

Real Hoverboard

The future is now. Finally no Photoshop, no video editing required to float 1 inch above ground with a hoverboard. This is the real thing, developed by Hendo. The hoverboard uses 4 engines to make it stable, and at the current stage of development it looks like it can be ...