Tomy Linear Liner Maglev Toy Train

Tomy Linear Liner Maglev Toy Train

Takara Tomy, the Japanese entertainment company that makes children's toys and merchandise is the creator of the fastest toy train in the world. Their Linear Liner train is the scale replica of the record-breaking 603 km/h (375 mph) SC Maglev (Superconducting Magnetic levitation) train. The 1/90th scale model is equally fast as the real thing, just in proportion. The company claims the speed tops at 500 km/h (311 mph) scale speed.

Price from $481

The Toy Train Set

The full package includes a station with a computer, a bridge and a tunnel on an oval track (192,8 cm × 84,8 cm / 75.9 inches x 33.4 inches). The display on the station shows the scale-speed each time the maglev train passes by. This is also where you can toggle the start-stop button. A dedicated cable can charge the train in 30 minutes for 20 minutes of playtime.

Tomy Linear Liner Maglev Toy Train Going Fast

Reviews and Quality

Takara Tomy is known for making great products. The Linear Liner has been under development for years, to make it function as the real thing does and to make it affordable on scale-level. As this product was made for the Japanese market, you might need an adapter and the customer service outside of Japan is not available. Other than the difficulties that are related with the product being Japanese, this is a one of a kind maglev toy train that no other company offers.

Tomy Linear Liner Maglev Toy Train Circle Track


It's currently going for $484 at Amazon, with only 3 examples left.

Tomy Linear Liner Maglev Toy Train Station Computer
Tomy Linear Liner Maglev Toy Train Levitating Side View