Real Hoverboard

Real Hoverboard

The future is now. Finally no Photoshop, no video editing required to float 1 inch above ground with a hoverboard. This is the real thing, developed by Hendo. The hoverboard uses 4 engines to make it stable, and at the current stage of development it looks like it can be used for some serious fun. As Tony Hawk demonstrates below in the video. It doesn't come cheap. Not for the first 10 production hoverboards anyway. It costs a whopping $10,000 to be the pioneer, or the showoff. Other trouble is, it's all sold out! It won't work on any surface either. They are planning to build hoverboard parks like the one you will see on the render below.


Prototype of the Hendo Hoverboard

Test Run on the Hoverboard

Render of the planned Hoverboard park

Tony gets ready for the ride

Tony Hawk in action

Tony Hawk spinning tricks on the Hoverboard