SkyTran is Coming to Tel-Aviv

SkyTran is Coming to Tel-Aviv

Anyone who keeps up with science and medicine already knows that Israel is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to harnessing new technologies. Jerusalem Online recently revealed that SkyTran maglev technology, developed by NASA, was in the works for the city of Tel Aviv as a new public transportation system.

SkyTrain real model

Maglev in Tel-Aviv: What is Coming?

This is a major breakthrough for maglev-powered systems, as Tel-Aviv will be the first city in the world to officially back the idea and begin production, in association with SkyTain. Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai expressed confidence and excitement in speculating about the future, stating that successful implementation of the maglev technology could improve traffic congestion—one of the city’s problems.

SkyTran render

If the system is successfully completed, then the electric power lines will be converted to support the magnetic strips. Pods will be capable of seating two people at the same time, and travel slightly less than approximately 60 miles per hour, which is the maximum capacity. Rides will cost $50 and the feeling of magnetic travel is said to be similar to an elevator ride.

SkyTran sketch

Maglev in Tel-Aviv by Location

The most significant achievement will be in travel distance; Tel Aviv residents will be able to press a button and arrive at practically any designated stop all over the city. Thus far, that itinerary includes the high-tech center in Atidim to the Tel Aviv University train station to the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Port, and possibly farther to the east site, or as far as Ariel Sharon Park.

The estimated timeline for completion is one and a half years. The world watches Tel Aviv and SkyTran carefully, as plans for the future find solid footing on a cushion of air.

SkyTran Stations

SkyTran Interior

SkyTran Application

SkyTran Card

SkyTran Card
SkyTran stations
SkyTran through buildings
SkyTran next to motorways

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