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Answering Google Search Questions

If you look up "Maglev is..." on Google, it's going to autofill the most popular questions that people have submitted into the search engine. So it would be just logical to answer the most commonly asked questions related to magnetic levitation. So here we go.

SkyTran is Coming to Tel-Aviv

Anyone who keeps up with science and medicine already knows that Israel is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to harnessing new technologies. Jerusalem Online recently revealed that SkyTran maglev technology, developed by NASA, was in the works for the city of Tel Aviv as a new ...

Maglev Coming to SimCity a Few Years in Advance of Civilization

Maxis, those fourth-wall breaking PC game wizards behind The Sims and SimCity are nothing if not futuristically optimistic. It’s not unusual to come across futuristic or even surreal add-on objects that are a generation ahead of contemporary society. However, the unveiling of Sim Maglev is scheduled in advance of the ...