Maglev Merchandise

Maglev Merchandise

Eager to show off your support for maglev? We have opened a little store on Etsy with neatly designed apparel, accessories, and merchandise. Let's see what we have!

Price from $13

'Flying Low' Maglev T-Shirt

Flying Low' Maglev T-Shirt

'The World's Fastest Train' Maglev Mug

The World's Fastest Train Maglev Mug

'Make Maglev Great Again' Maglev Baseball Hat

Make Maglev Great Again Maglev Baseball Hat

Maglev Protective Mask

Maglev Protective Mask

'Levitates My Heart' Maglev Shopping Bag

Levitates My Heart Maglev Shopping Bag

Maglev Merchandise on Etsy