Maglev Moon

Maglev Moon

The use of magnetic levitation is so versatile that only the human imagination is the limit. One brilliant outcome is this magnetically levitated moon lamp. Designed and built around the maglev technology using the advantages of contactless spinning.

Price from $110

Maglev Moon Lamp That Levitates

The realistic moon lamp is 3D printed. It's so realistic you can clearly spot the moon craters that were created by asteroids and meteorites hitting the lunar surface. The moon is effortlessly hovering above the wooden base by utilizing magnetic levitation. You can spin it around in 360 degrees to see all the details as well as setting the color from white to yellow and all the shades in between by the press of a button. It's definitely a beautiful decoration that makes perfect use of maglev technology.

Maglev Moon Lamp Yellow Light

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