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Transrapid Maglev Vs ICE 3 Performance

We compare state-of-the-art German rail technology from the same era. The Intercity-Express 3 conventional train, which was introduced in 2000, and it's the fastest train in Germany to this date, and the Transrapid 08 maglev train which was unveiled just a year earlier and it's derivative model is used on ...

Traditional Shinkansen vs Maglev

The history of Shinkansen, also known as the bullet train, goes back to the early 60s. This is when the first of its kind, the 0 Series Shinkansen, started operating on the Tokyo-Osaka line. The first bullet train was a pioneer of its time operating at speeds of 210 km/h ...

Japan Tests Ambitious New Maglev Train

The most ambitious maglev project to date has started testing in Japan. The five-car train quickly accelerates to a top speed of over 500kph. The train – known as the L0 Series – travels so fast that it creates a shock wave and slipstream of wind so powerful it to ...

Transatlantic Maglev

The idea of a tunnel linking New York and London first appeared in a novel by Victorian science fiction writer, Jules Verne in 1895. But the possibility of it ever appearing was remote due to the mind-blowing difficulty of such a project.