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Maglev vs. Airplane, Shinkansen & Car

As we are nearing the completion of the first stage of the Chuo Shinkansen, we take a look at the raw data to find out which will be the fastest way to commute between Tokyo and Nagoya in 2027, and later on between Tokyo and Osaka.

Japanese Maglev Evolution 1972 - 2020

Japan has been researching maglev technology since the beginning of the 60's with a clear goal of creating a super fast connection between Tokyo and Osaka within less than an hour. The Japanese National Railways (JNR) started their research on a magnetic levitation railway system in 1962. The development of ...

New York - Washington Maglev

There are already plans to implement Maglev-based systems in Mexico City, New Delhi, and Paris, but United States entrepreneurs and scientists are just as enthusiastic about New York. In fact, the Northeast Maglev Company in Washington D.C. wants to create the first Maglev transport system in the U.S., and specifically ...